Registration and Licensing

Starting and expending a business in any jurisdiction need authorization in form of approvals or permissions from regulatory or law enforcement authorities. Without such approvals or permissions, a business may be impacted through legal consequences. At Ekanta, we provide you seamless registration and licensing services that enables you to commence or expend your business without any hassle.


  • Information Collection
  • Preparation of Forms
  • Preparation & Examination of Supporting Documents
  • Filing of Registration/Licensing Forms
  • Payment of Fees
  • Liaising with Registration/Licensing Authority
  • Amendment in Exiting Registration/Licensing


  • We specially handle Constitution of Firms, Service Tax, VAT, PAN/TAN, Copyright, and Trade Mark registration along with other registration and licensing.

Drafting and Review

With our extensive industry experience and qualified professionals, we offer high quality drafting and review services to our clients. We follow a seamless process for drafting and reviewing a document initiated from interview for information gathering till finalization of that document. Our drafting and review services do not confine to contracts only but these also cover drafting and review of internal policies and procedures based on applicable laws and regulations and other legal documents.


  • Drafting a Document
  • Research on Legal Issues
  • Review Document
  • Tracking Changes


  • Contracts
  • Plaint/Petition/Application
  • Memorandum of Appeals
  • Affidavits/Bonds
  • Notices and Reply
  • Legal Reports and Documents
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Letters
  • Articles
  • Research

Regulatory Filing

After registration, licensing or permission for running business, laws make certain provisions to update the authorities regarding current business status and activities, and, moreover, with respect to tax matters, to pay tax with return on periodic interval. Businesses are obligated to furnish such status and activities in form of statements, reports, returns, records etc. At Ekanta, our qualified professionals assist business organizations in preparation and filing of such regulatory compliance documents.


  • Information Gathering
  • Preparation of Forms
  • Preparation & Examination of Supporting Documents
  • Filing of Registration/Licensing Forms
  • Payment of Fees
  • Liaising with Registration/Licensing Authority
  • Revising of Forms and Documents


  • Direct & Indirect Tax related filings
  • Corporate & LLP related filings


Law may look simple and easy, but its interpretation is not always straight and, depends upon case to case. Because of this complexity, disputes are raised among parties, and conclude in litigation which is a complex and time consuming process. At Ekanta, our qualified and experience advocates provide litigation services to you, and are always endeavour to get a positive result.


  • Gathering, Identification and Examination of Relevant Information and documents
  • Identification, Analysis of, and Research on, Litigation Questions, applicable laws, rules and court rulings
  • Preparation and Drafting of Litigation documents
  • Filing of cases
  • Representation before courts
  • Replying the responses in form of Counter etc.
  • Enforcement of Order and Judgement


  • Tax Matters
  • Corporate nd Industrial Matters
  • Cyber Laws Matters
  • Writs
  • PIL

Legal Consultation and Advisory

Because of its complexity, laws and regulations made thereunder are always difficult to understand and implement. Most of time, organizations wonder for correct and cost-effective solutions. We offer our clients efficient solution for their legal queries or issues in area of our legal specialization by thorough analysis of problem.


  • Discussion with the Client to understand the Issues
  • Quick Response for General Queries/Issues
  • Analysis of Critial Queries/Issues
  • Research on Queries/Issues
  • Preparation of Solution
  • Deivery of Solution
  • Answering further Queries on Solution


  • Data Privacy Laws
  • Information Securitty Related Laws
  • Cyber Laws/Information Technology Laws
  • Intellectual Property Laws
  • Direct and Indirect Tax Laws

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